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Something Extra

Mini fairy envelopes to write a secret note to your fairy friends.... Or maybe a little note left by the tooth fairy? Little bundles of 10 mini envelopes even have a piece of paper inside to write your secret notes.  We have growing fairy eggs, and we have water based nail polish ... No nasty chemicals to remove the polish. We have sweet little jars of fairy dust. Sprinkle a little around a tooth fairy chest to show that the tooth fairy has visited - or sprinkle some near a secret fairy door. Our set of 5 fruity lip gloss are so popular, because they are a similar size to an adults lipstick, so the kids feel quite grown up with their own "lipstick". Then there's the lip gloss in a sweet little glitter purse - available in pink, lilac or silver purses - a great stocking filler, or for a treat bag. a set of 3 bubble bath - you can spit the pack up, and pop one in each treat bag. A set of temporary fairy tattoos can also be spit up - a bit of fun.

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Bubble bath
Pack of 3 bubble bath, soft delicate scent - one of each design in each pack ..
fabric glitter flowers
Pack of 10 small fabric glitter flowers. Each pack contains a mix of pale pink, snow white and deep ..
Fairy Bubbles
85ml bottle of bubble blowing liquid - great for parties and stocking fillers. ..
These little jars of fairy dust have two tone pink fairy dust inside a small glass jar with cork. ..
Fairy Envelopes
These oh so sweet little mini fairy envelopes are just the thing to write a little note to the fairi..
Fairy Tale Nail Polish
Each pack contains 6 bottles of beautiful water based nail polish for any fashion conscious fairy. ..
Fairy Tales Lip Balm
Pack of 5 fruity lip balm comes in 5 yummy flavours - grape, citrus,cherry, plum and mango ..
glitter butterflys
This pack of 3 sweet little butterflys can be used for so many things - scrapbooking, decorating cur..
Glitter Purse Lip Balm
Miniature purse lip balm in 3 glitter colours - pink, silver and lilac The lip balm goes on clear..
Growing Fairy Egg
The growing dinosaur egg has been around for years, and now there is the growing fairy egg! pop it i..
metal butterflys
This pack of 10 metal butterflys have so many uses. craft, scrapbooking, decorating cakes or perhaps..
temporary fairy tattoos
A pack of 12 temporary tattoos all with fantasy fairy themes. Great to split the pack up to distr..
trinket box - HEART
This sweet little heart shaped metal trinket box is covered in little jewels and tiny beads. Great t..
trinket box - ROUND GOLD
This smal metal trinket box is encrusted with tiny gold coloured beads and jewels, and would be nice..
trinket box - ROUND PEARL
This small metal round trinket box is encrusted with tiny white pearls. Pretty to use as a toorh fai..