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Great Party Ideas


Here are some great ideas to make your next fairy party special. Some of our suggestions are great if your fairy party is to be held in winter, or perhaps if its just a miserable wet day and the party needs to be indoors.

We have put together a few ideas to keep the children occupied, happy and busy.



Little girls love nothing better than using their imagination, and decorating cupcakes!

Make plenty of cupcakes, perhaps 3 or 4 per child. Or if your strapped for time, order them from your local bakers. It shouldn’t cost much, as you will be ordering cupcakes without any icing.

Now gather your decorating supplies.

Most large supermarkets have a great selection of cake decorating products. So buy as many different product as budget allows. Milk and white chocolate melts, hundreds and thousands, sugar flowers, even tubes of coloured icing,  and the list goes on. Also the sweet or confectionary isle is always good too. Not as expensive either. Pick up some liquorice straps – cut these up when you get home to cut into little “lines” – good for faces on the cupcakes.

Smarties, musk sticks or musk, candy bananas sliced through so they look like little discs. Have a good look at the different sweets and imagine what they would look like cut or chopped up.

Make 2 different coloured frostings or icings white and pale pink. For convenience, just make one huge batch of vanilla flavoured icing, and divide in two, and colour the second batch with a little red food colouring so you have a light pink icing.

Cover the dining table with a table cloth, or better still a plastic table cover – things will get pretty messy!.

Put the 2 different coloured icings in bowls – if there are loads if children, perhaps  3 bowls of each colour, and all your decorating supplies in individual bowls. Again, if there are loads of kids, have loads of bowls.

If you don’t have enough chairs, don’t worry, the children wont even notice. After all – you don’t sit down when you are working in the kitchen do you?

The children will have a ball. And they get to take them home afterwards! That’s if they don’t eat them now.



The idea is for the children to decorate their own treat bags. Let the children use their imagination by being creative, and of course keeps them occupied.

Buy a pack of plain brown sandwich bags from the supermarket, a glue stick for each child, and plenty of things to decorate the bags. A newsagent will have a few things such as stickers – stars and dots, better still if you have a cheapie shop near by, or a Spotlight ou could stock up on plenty of craft supplies. Stickers, sprinkles or confetti, glitter or glitter glue, crepe paper, foam shapes or perhaps little ribbon flowers or bows. Some felt pens for drawing on the bags, and of course they will need to write their name on the bag too, Or perhaps if they are too young, you can write their name on each bag.

Use supplies from home too – some tin foil cut into shapes such as squares or strips, pieces of ribbon, Or even some coloured cardboard cut into shapes, even drinking straws cut up.  If you can’t think of anything to do with the pieces of straws – believe me they will!



An oldie but a goodie. The more children the more fun, the sillier the phrase the more laughter.

Think of a sentence, then whisper it to the first child. They then whisper the sentence to the next child and so on. Until the last child says what was whispered to her out loud.

Think of something really silly, perhaps about the birthday girl – for example – Jenny has 10 brothers and 6 sisters, loves broccoli  and has really big feet and knobbly knees

Everyone will be laughing so hard when the sentence is finally revealed. Be prepared, to think of another silly sentence!



Another classic – An apple can be good, but a balloon is even more fun.

APPLE- Have everyone stand in a circle, and have the first child tuck the apple under their chin, then she has to pass it to the next person without using her hands. Really fun

BALLOON – blow up a balloon to about a ¼ of its full size, and have the children pass it to each other just like the apple from chin to chin.

Such a fun game and so many giggles.



Another oldie - You’ll need some fun music on the ipod for this one. Depending on the age of the children, that will probable determine how many prizes you give out. The younger the kids, the more they all want a prize!

Get the children dancing to the music, and when you stop the music in the middle of a song, the children must freeze instantly.

Hence the name musical statues. If someone moves after the music has stopped, then they are illuminated.

Really good fun, the kids will want to play this one over and over again.



This is so much fun, perhaps even the mums and dads can have a go!.

Use a piece of dowel or curtain rod, and have 2 adults or older children hold the stick, and have some great music to limbo to